Tuesday, 3 April 2012


You might have heard from friends and athletes about the benefits of protein shakes for muscle building.

Although it's that true muscles need protein to function and grow, there is no evidence that protein shakes or supplements alone will increase muscle size. Many of the claims about the ability of protein supplements to pump you up are unsubstantiated. Understanding the role of protein in the body will lead to a more accurate picture of how protein shakes affect muscle growth.

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Protein is found naturally in many foods, such as fish, meat, nuts and soy. It's an essential part of any healthy diet, and those who are protein-deficient can develop health problems. Health experts recommend 55.5 g of protein daily for men and 45 g of protein per day for women, according to BBC Health. Only small amounts of protein are needed each day, but most people who live in industrialized nations ingest more protein than their bodies actually require.

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